My name is Zsofia Hajdu, creating under the alias Sofia Varga. My family name seems to be a challenge to pronounce for non-Hungarian people, so to make it easier I decided to create under Varga, which is my mom's maiden name. 

I'm a Hungarian visual artist living in Luxembourg for many years. I've always admired people with a talent for art but I only picked up the brush very recently, during the first lockdown in March 2020. It was perhaps an unconscious way to heal myself and overtime it become more. As I continue on my journey of self-improvement and just becoming more myself I let go of my expectations to create perfect art and focus on creating art that moves you, that makes you feel, and makes us want to do better. 

I'm fascinated by painting portraits and capturing emotions but I also really enjoy making fluid and resin art and try out new techniques and new mediums. As I give myself permission to experience and let go of control, my art becomes lighter and more fun.